Le Champ Près de L’Eglise, St. Brelade

26 no 3 bed, 1 bath homes with rear gardens, each property having 3 parking spaces including either a garage or carport. The houses have a beautiful simple traditional appeal with a nice diversity of granite and render external finishes. Roofs are a mix of natural slate and pantile with gable junctions capped off with a Jersey verge detail. The properties facing directly onto the communal green are granite style cottages nestled either side of a traditional rendered houses with feature quoins making a striking contrast.

This was a First Time Buyer close with 16 properties coming under the newly formed St Brelade Affordable Homes Scheme.

The percentage for art is an interesting piece designed by Kate Webber with Rylance Ltd construction. The design brings relevance to the site, as the leaping fish is the symbol of St Brelade with the Celtic knot beneath representing connection and community; bulrush detail reminding us that this was a marshland and actually had bulrushes naturally springing from the earth.

Le Champ Prés de l’Eglise name for the development means the field near the church. Research has shown that a wooden Catholic church dedicated to St Theresa once stood on the site of the Clos Orange estate. This opened in 1947 and closed in 1972 and was replaced with St Bernadette’s at Les Quennevais.

Project Designed by John Dyson of Dyson & Buesnel and completed in 2012


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